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Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Points Peace Plan and The Resistance

The Arab League
Ministerial Meeting in Lebanon
May 14 & 15.

Siniora’s cabinet decisions revoke

On the 15 May, 08 ten days after its enactment, the Lebanese information minister Ghazi Aridi announced that the two decisions made against the Resistance have been revoke. The decisions have not been executed nor has any decree been issued to implement them.

Six Points Peace plan

1 To elect a President.

Qatar's PM, Siniora & Sec. Gen.

All parties have agreed to the Army Chief Michel Suleiman to be elected as President. If this really materialized in the election day already fixed on the coming June10, which is the twentieth attempt to elect a President then it will rule out the Pro Israel criminal who had just served 11 years in jail, Simir Geagea. Geagea is also a Maronite Christian and the leader of The Lebanese Forces, who had been eying for the post.

2 To Form a Unity Government

3 To Formulate a New Electoral Law or amend the existing law.

As for the above two points there are disagreements between the parties concerned The next election due in 2009.

4 Refrain from using weapons or arms to advance political agendas

5 To engage in talks to establish the Sovereignty of Lebanon and a return to the pre ‘civil war’ status quo, before May 5.

6 Refrain from using language or provocations that will incite violence.

After agreeing to the six point peace plan and announced by the Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the Resistance (Hezbollah) and other opposition supporters began clearing road blocks to open the airport and other public facilities. They also announce the ending of the 18 month Parliamentary sit-in once the President is elected.

The Opposition workers clearing the airport blockade


Talks will start in Doha, Qatar on Friday May 16, 2008. The talks will be in line with the Constitution and the Taif Accord which ended the 1989 civil war in Lebanon.

Arab League Secretary General & Qatar's Prime Minister.

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