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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The 18 months stalemate - its over.

It has been rather taxing and restless week waiting for the outcome of the Arab League initiative to crystallize. It is a huge mountain in Lebanon’s case when compared to the multi-racial, multi-culture and multi-religious society of Malaysia which look like a mole hill in comparison. Malaysia just had our general election last March, which see a new look at the composition of her Parliament and what followed, the seemingly endless government main party internal bickering. In the Lebanese case, it is an all Arab affairs – though heavily divided in sects between two main religions of Abraham’s descendants – Christianity and Islam. The two Arab warring sides in Lebanon had seated for five days in Doha, Qatar to settle the 18 months stalemate in Lebanon over government composition and their inability to elect a President for the past 6 months and that too after a gun-fight on the streets in Beirut, that’s history and do read my earlier posting so as not to get carried away with American-Israeli reports presented to us and parrot by all main stream media throughout the world.

Syed Hassan

Initially I though to myself, oh god, they are flying back to Beirut without an agreement, despite the opposition’s willingness to negotiate till the cows come home. The negotiation started without any dateline. Further more, with a US high-tech warship menacing the Lebanese coast and news of more coming, I thought to myself what is that war-monger Bush trying to do! Though the US did announced that it was a normal warships movements. Sensing some security cover from the US warship, Simir Geagea, the treacherous and prosecuted war criminal and taken as the responsible butcher of the Palestinians, did appear non-compromising lately in his attempt not to capitulate to the opposition’s demand. As a the news unfold, I waited for the announcement that the parties involved is going home to Beirut without a peace agreement. Some one played with fire, either Simir Geagea or Saad al-Hiriri and it is coming to Lebanon from both ends - the land from Israel and the sea from the Americans. All news from Almanar, Presstv not to mention the British BBC, American Times and Ynet sounds gloomy and the whole exercise hosted by Qatar seems futile.

General Michel Suleiman

There has been an agreement, it was reported by all parties Lebanese, Iranian, British, American and Israeli. Thanks goodness, god have saved Lebanon from the internal trouble again, though how much some Arabs, British, Israel and American like it to happens. 14 Hezbollah fighters were martyred in the hands of their own Arab Lebanese brothers, isn’t that enough? Come on Lebanese Arabs, what at stake is not your personal powers but that of Lebanon and the Resistance against the Zionist-US arrogant machinations! I though to myself and with my supplications extended to the Great One.

Its seems a proper press conference is due. Agreement have been reached much to the chagrin of Israel. The Israeli intelligence can continue their sleeplessness.

Prime Minister Qatar, Prime Minister Lebanon, General Secretary Arab League.

  • The Presidency will go to General Michel Suleiman, he will be appointed latest, Friday.
  • As for the Unity Government, the earlier formula which I had posted was agreed upon, 3 President appointed ministers, 11 Opposition ministers & 16 pro-government ministers.
  • As for the Election Law, they are following the 1960 election laws - with some amendments.

Sending the delegation of to Doha

After six days, there is the good news now, the announcement on the agreement has been made. The talks has ended. In closing the talks, the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa and Amr Mussa the Arab League General Secretary, spoke. All parties involved the Prime Minister, the Speaker from Lebanon gave congratulatory speeches to the organizer. Congratulatory messages on the success of the talks, are coming in from across the world, including from America. The Malaysian TV news just announced the agreement on their 11pm news, though the details were sketchy. I don not think that many Malaysian followed the development though now we are now moving towards a world without borders. However one Malaysian Brother by the name of Tajuddin Abu Jawad had congratulated Hezbollah on behalf of PMIP (PAS), which was published in alManar.

Foreign Minister, Qatar.

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