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Friday, May 23, 2008


1.Somaliland, without any international recognition is planning to hold local council and Presidential elections. The ruling and two opposition parties is working out an election Schedule with the Election Commission.

Somaliland a declare independence since 1990

2. Puntland, Somalia - Another Private Security Militia? – this one for Somalia. The two foreign companies that gain oil prospecting rights in Somalia have organized their own security militia. The militia have began providing major security services for them in moving their equipment to the required location

Private Security Militias providing security to oil companies.

Gen Adde Muse

While the leader of Puntland, who has been away for two months, Gen. Adde Muse, is having a hard time over moves that he did while visiting foreign countries (extradition agreement with Ethiopia) recently and the situation especially economy and security of the region. Gen Adde Muse is working on extend his mandate as the leader for Puntland for another year.

3. Somalia – Al Shabaab militia and ICU forces have taken another two towns, one each in the middle and southern Somalia - adding up to the numbers to five.

There are reports that the TFG (Transitional Federal Government) Parliament building in the south-western town of Baidoa has been under attacks by the opposition militias killing guards.

South Africa’s UN ambassador voiced that Ethiopia is guilty of acting against the United Nations Security Council arms embargo on Somalia by bringing in weapons into Somalia. This is the first direct swipe at the Americans sponsored occupation of Somalia by foreign forces.

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