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Sunday, May 18, 2008

More than the Eagles had landed in Mogadishu.

US and French soldiers were dropped on Somalia soil in South Mogadishu on Friday 16 May 2008. 4 warships were involved in the operation Upon arrival the soldiers were then rushed to Adden Adde International Airport to meet AMISOM (African Union Mission In Somalia) and Somalia government troops escorted by 19 helicopters hovering overhead.

Of late the there has been a series of setbacks for the occupation forces from Ethiopia, Somalia government forces and forces that claimed to be instituting order, consisting of Soldiers from Uganda and AMISOM. The number of Soldiers from Ethiopia and Somalia government forces killed and more wounded during the fighting in May 2008 are high and believed to be rising as of now it is reported that 3 town have fallen to the Al-Shabaab militias or ICU ( Islamic Courts Union).

Al - Shabaab militias

There have been numerous civilians indiscriminately killed by Ethiopian soldiers in their vent in the midst of their losses. I believed that this had sparked some discord between the Somalia government soldiers and Ethiopian soldiers and will tremendously reduced their legitimacy and popularity among the local populace of Somalia. It will be a fly in the face of the Interim government of Somalia and soon they will be fighting the whole Somalia people.

I am a keen observer and have been following the events, cited below in reverse chronological order, after the successful murder of the Al-Shabaab head by US air raids:-

  • 17 May 08 – Saturday, At least 12 Ethiopian soldiers were killed and more than 25 were injured. Armed rebels carrying bazookas attacked a military base in north Mogadishu near the Arafat Hospital.
  • 16 May 2008, Friday, two towns – Dinsor and Bal'ad fell to Al-Shabaab / ICU (Islamic Court Union).
  • 13 May 08, Tuesday – In a press report from Presstv, ICU spokesman Abdirahim Issa Adow vow to attack all foreign forces from Ethiopia, Uganda and AMISOM. He also confirmed that in the last 12 hours 120 soldiers have been killed. In another incident 9 government soldiers were killed and 11 injured by angry Ethiopian soldiers at a government checkpoint.
  • 12 May 08. Monday - 30 Ethiopian soldiers killed and 76 injured in another land mine explosion in Hiiran district.
  • 12 May 08, Monday - 8 Ethiopian soldiers and 12 government soldiers killed in separate land mines explosions not including the numbers wounded not including what is reported above.
    25 Civilians arrested by police for unknown reasons then.
  • 11 May 08, Sunday – 4 bodyguards killed and more missing after the puppet government convoy was ambushed according to the government spokesman Osman Hasssan

Ethiopian replaced Hiiran District Governor. Forcedly disarmed his supporters and confiscated their weapons and military vehicles involving 2000 guns and 21 military vihicles

Ethiopian Soldiers confiscating guns

  • 8 May 08,Thursday – 100 Ethiopian soldiers believed killed in two separate attacks. The most classic success of Al-Shabaab was at Hiiran ambush where all 45 Ethiopian soldiers were annihilated.
  • 7 May 08, Wednesday – 26 Ethiopian soldiers killed , Al-Shabaab deadly guerrilla war on Somalia government forces, Ethiopia occupying soldiers and AMISON (mainly Ugandan soldiers)
  • 5 May 08, Monday - More than 16 Ethiopian soldiers killed when Al-Shabaab attacked. While fleeing the Ethiopians sprays bullets onto the civilians causing numerous death among them.

Today marked the day when businessmen demanded payments in USD instead of Somalia Shillings from the public. In the last three months the Somalia Shillings dropped from 17,000 for 1 USD to 30,000. Well that will take more tolls on the support for the Interim Somalia Government.

  • Despite the fact that in very early May 2008 , 4 US planes raided the Somali town of Dusamareb and killed the head of Al-Shabaab militias, Aden Hashi Ayro and his lieutenant Sheikh Muhdin Omar plus another 10 militias, their resolved to fight on and drive our the foreign occupation forces, goes unabated.
famine in Somalia

  • On the same day the US landed , Friday 16 May 2008 two towns – Dinsor and Bal’ad fell to Al-Shabaab Forces/ ICU (Islamic Court Union). The following day, Saturday 17 may 2008 – the puppet Interim Government Parliamentary Speaker Adan Madobe spoke with Mogadishu-based Radio Banadir, acknowledging that Jilib had fallen to Al- Shabaab Forces / ICU. It was the third town to fall within two days.

As for the US they are definitely successful, again in producing one of the worst humanitarian crisis, again in a Muslim country, again in Somalia. How many US Presidents had done so? Now! now…

Reference garoweonline and presstv.

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