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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Lebanese Experience & Reality.

Have you been reading western sources of news? Well, what these news reported may took placed, but it is how they reported it can be typical of an American style of journalism.. Which in this case can be summarized as b

  1. Hezbollah is the CULPRIT, they are the terrorists and they are the bad guys that should be VICTIMISED - like sending to Guantanamo Bay and get obliterated utterly.
  1. There are only two parties warring in Lebanon there The Pro Government Forces represented by Siniora as the Prime Minister. Supported by the International Community on the one side against the terrorist Hezbollah supported and sponsored by Rogue states namely Syria and Iran. Which is NOT TRUE.
  1. Siniora is the Prime Minister of the majority. They form the are the legitimate government representing the Lebanese people.
  1. Siniora government must be help and prop up by all International responsible community and International Institutions like the UN and Arab League at all cost.
  1. The Lebanese army cannot be counted on to safeguard the interest of the people of Lebanon, instead they cohorts with the terrorist Hezbollah.
  1. The whole incident is an attempted Pro Tehran coup, unconstitutional and illegal to oust out a democratically legal government of Sinora, a propanganda by US – Israeli controlled media.
  1. A Summary

We shall go through these each issues one by one to see the myth that surrounds it and know the reality.

  1. To answer this inquiry we have to first asked, how did the fierce gunfight battles in Beirut started. Walid Jumblatt kicked off the two issues which later were taken up by the Unconstitutional Fouad Sinora Coalition, First, the Western-back Siniora’s Coalition outlawed the Hezbollah fiber optic telecommunication network and second, they sacked Beirut Airport's security chief and wanted to take over the airport security.

Hezbollah rationale being their telecommunication network is their defense system that keeps them going through the Summer 2006 war imposed by Israel and Hezbollah cannot just give up this weapon which is essential to defend Lebanon. On the airport security, the Chief of Security is a Trustworthy Nationalist who his acted in the interest of Lebanon and the Pro Israel-US Coalition wanted to let Mossad, FBI, CIA or MI5 to have a free hand at the airport.

Within a day, in Beirut, Hezbollah and allies defeated forces loyal to the American-backed Siniora’s Lebanese government with their all newly equipped militias. These quick victory rendered the Sinora’s backers caught and unable to do anything meaningfull to ‘militarily’ assistance to them

  1. With 17 different sects and a constitution that divides power among these differing religious groups, bold power grabs by any one group are usually ephemeral and followed by chaos. The term used to describe the Lebanese polity is ‘confessional democracy’ putting it crudely one can say it as ‘sectarian democracy’. Since their 1943 National Pact it is their practice that the President is a Maronite Christian, The Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim and the Speaker a Shi’a Muslim. The Taif accord slightly modify their original 1943 Parliamentary Composition. Since the accord, the Parliamentary seat is accorded 50-50 for Christians and the Muslims (Sunni, Shi’a and Druze). As of the Spring 2005 election, the 128 Parliamentarians consist of :-

The Opposition group is consists of Hezbollah (Shia), Amal (Shia), Democratic Party (Mixed), Tawhid Party (Sunni), Free Patriotic Movement (Christian), Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Al-Murabitun (Sunni) and other smaller parties, Collectively described as Pro-Syria.

The Pro Siniara’s group made up of Saad Hariri Future Movement (Sponsored by, Saudi), Walid Jublatt Progressive Socialist Party (Sponsored by Israel, US and France), Simir Geagea’s Phalange (Kateib) Party and Lebanese Forces (Sponsored by US) – Collectively known as the ‘Welch’s Club’. Walid Jumblatt, Simir Geagea and Saad Hariri are all known foreign agents and have their own agenda for Lebanon. Their group is officially made known by the main stream media as March 14 Coalition – a Pro-Western grouping.

Walid Jumblatt & Saad Hariri

3. During the Spring 2005 election due to rising anti-Syrian feelings Siniora's or known as March 14 Coalition Team won 72 out of 128 Parliamentary Seats. However they consist of Sunni, Christians and Druze, that leave out the Shias which form the majority of the population (this may be disputed for the last official census conducted in Lebanon was in 1932 for sectarianism is a very sensitive issue in Lebanon couple with a large presence of Palestine).

The Coalition had a lot of political bickering that make the people fed up. Their key figures are foreign agents and have their own agenda to make Lebanon Pro Western, Pro US and hence Pro Israel other than advancing their own self interest. It is an open secret that they supported Israel to totally crushed the Resistance (Hezbollah) but Instead saw Lebanon bombed to the pulp while the Resistance survived the Israeli onslaught.

The March 14 Coalition has been avoiding three main issues, which has plague Lebanon for the past 18 months, first to form a National Unity Government meaning to include the Shia’s in the Cabinet (the Shia’s is bargaining for a third of the total numbers of seats), second to seat with the others (opposition) in the Parliament to elect a popular and acceptable President, third to come up with a new electoral laws. There is little transparency too, in the coalition dealings such as the expenses of the donations from other Nations after the destruction done by Israel and cabinets meetings make import decisions with going through the Parliaments, like allowing the arming of Militias recently but their longest Parliamentary sitting was to make these anti-Resistance ruling that caused the brief 'civil war' between the Pro-Resistance and Anti- Resistance forces.

In order to avoid doing that they had not convene the Parliamentary seating for more than a year and the Opposition had organized a sit-in outside the Parliament building for 18 months now and had organized mock funeral procession passing the houses of the politicians..

4. Western and US help have been promised to Siniora before the war during the Cedar Revolution, and act seen by the Pro-West and Western Regimes as an act to decouple Lebanon from Syria and after the Israeli Summer 2006 aggression, monetary and military aid were given to the Lebanese Siniora’s government and the army, Though Israel is very silent at the international level on Hezbollah, but their master US and allies, bent on Hezbollah destruction are using the United Nations and the Arab League to do their bidding .

  1. The Lebanese Army have acted very prudently, without taking sides in this ‘civil war’. This battle is very different from the Fatah-Islami’s recent case where there was only one party involved and probably a non-Lebanese entity, though it may be have been finance and organized internally by some influential personality. Any way, it was mentioned in several posts that the army and resistance have gathered intelligence regarding all the development of the militias and their support system in Lebanon.

The recent civil war can be said as a war between the Resistance and the anti Resistance force. It is not a sectarian war between Sunni and Shi’a. The key anti- Resistance players have been the corrupt Saad Hariri Future Movement (Sunni), Maronite Christian Simir Geagea The Lebanese Forces and Walid Jumblatt Druze Progresssive Socialist Party. It started with the ruling of banning the Hezbollah telecommunication system and sacking of the Airport Security chief.

Nabih Berri

6. Depending on which side you are on whether you are pro- Hezbollah or anti- Hezbollah or looking for something more objective regarding the episode, opportunities are available on the net, including looking at the history and evolution of Lebanon. Forget about over selling American Democracy, which is only good in its original written form.It is certainly not Iranian Inspired or a Pro-Tehran coup or with Iranian Quds force backing similarly Syria is not involved too. Recent history shows that those who are involved are the ones that flooded the country with arms and hard cash to sponsor a coup against the Resistance and have interests to see the Resistance collapses.

  1. As of 13 May 05, Nabih Berri the Speaker make some interesting remarks about what is to be expected in the next coming few days, but the Siniora's Ruling Coalition, Jumblatt, Hariri and Geagea seems to change their position after feeling some sense of security provided by their puppet masters, such as the presence of USS Cole and State of the art missiles pointing to their country. Only 3 days ago they were begging and backing the Army to restore peace and order, should the opposition wanted political power, these people can be easily jailed or get something worse. We have to wait and see - what happen next, best wishes for our brothers in the Resistance in Lebanon. Anyway, today the 14th May, 08 the Arab Foreign Ministers delegations will be in Lebanon to start a national dialogue and solving the issue of forming a National Unity Government and looking into finalizing the new electoral laws. A 27 member security team from Qatar is in Beirut now, responsible for security measures for delegates of the Arab Foreign Minsters meeting.

USS Cole

Further development will depends too, on the Arab League, the United Nations and the International Community. The role of the Resistance is to prepare for their activity as a force to resist Israel and protect their country from Israeli aggression. They do not scheme to be dominant or dominate the world, Middle East or even Lebanon.

In the Israeli News,
the Americans and some Arab countries, they have been trying very hard and do their utmost to present to the world that the Resistance have turn their weapons on their own people (the Lebanese) and as such no longer worthy and legitimate to keep their arms. It is in the interest of the Resistance to ensure the survival of the Resistance and recent ‘civil war’ only proves that point and a word of thanks should be extended to all the Opposition forces that joined the Resistance (Hezbollah) in the recent short and brief ‘Civil War’ including the army for being independent minded and not siding the Siniora’s government in their attempt to crush the popular Resistance forces.

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