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Friday, May 30, 2008

"Collection of statements and stories on Ezam outside UMNO"

A screen shot of the blog

Ezam, a former youth leader of PKR (Peoples' Justice Party) had submitted a form to re-join UMNO to the President of UMNO Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. While the President, the Selangor State Chief Liaison Officer (Muhammad Muhammad Taib) have taken the opportunity to make a propaganda exercise out of it, probably to cover some grounds recently lost by UMNO due to the resignation of its former President, former Prime Minister of Malaysia and a close friend of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

While R. Mugabe at 84 is still trying very hard to clamor to the highest throne in the republic of Zimbabwe by letting loose his goons of war veterans and militia to harass and murder his political opponents, the former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir opted to a tactic of resigning from his party and asking other party workers and/or members to quit too. So far the support for Tun Dr Mahathir has been cold and there are no major takers. Therefore the Status Quo remains unchanged in Malaysia.

The re-entry of Ezam is not a smooth sailing either. The UMNO youth leader who is the Minister of Education raises some questions. A member of UMNO Supreme Council who was earlier hinted as possible challenger to the Present UMNO President in their coming Annual Delegates Conference had also voiced the need for the Supreme Council to approve Ezam re-entry into UMNO due to his past records being an UMNO member expelled from the Party. The UMNO Deputy President also the Deputy Prime Minister who was quiet early on also joined the fray and made similar calls.

Now there is a new blog on the Net, in Malay, titled “Cerita dan KIsah Ezam di luar UMNO”, if literally translated into English, one can say “Stories and Episodes of Ezam outside UMNO”. This blog is doctored by some “kumpulan kenyataan dan cerita Ezam di Luar umno” or “Collection of statements and stories on Ezam outside UMNO and their identities are not revealed. As who the blog doctors’ are trying to bash is anyone’s guess for the nature of the postings rendered all names named in the blog as a non angel. That's not very helpful in trying to identify which camp the “doctor” belongs to!

Monday, May 26, 2008

US and Iran: Is an Iraq grand bargain possible?

The Real News Network's Paul Jay talks to Gareth Porter about Iran, Iraq and the Bush administration. One of the fundamental reasons The White House is giving for a possible attack on Iran is that it is arming Iraqi militias that are killing American soldiers. The administration and the US military first began to talk about Iran as a source of weapons in 2005 but have yet to present concrete evidence to back the charges. Complicating matters is the fact that both Iran and the US support Iraq's al-Maliki government at the same time. While the White House hints at a possible attack on Iran, the US military talks about a deal over Iraq. But what kind of deal could it be?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Deal America wants from Iraq Part 1

There are reliable reports that the Iraqi government might sign a long-term framework agreement with the United States, under which Washington would be allowed to set up permanent military bases in the country and US citizens would be granted immunity from legal prosecution in the country.

The US troops in Iraq.

The mandate of US troops in Iraq will expire in December 2008 and al-Maliki's government is under US pressure to sign 'a mutual security agreement' which would allow the long-term presence of US troops in Iraq, referred to by the Western media as the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

Malik al-Nouri, Iraq's PM

According to Presstv, Iran, the main goals of the agreement:

- A part of the agreement covers issues regarding 'sustainable security': this section of the agreement will allow the US to build 3 to 12 military bases on Iraq's soil to maintain control over the country's military for an indefinite period. Under the agreement Iraqi military and security forces would not be able to carry out any operations independently and they would have to ask for permission from the US Military Command in Iraq. This section of the agreement would virtually result in the colonization of Iraq and would undermine the sovereignty of the country.

- Another section of the agreement would regulate the authority of US troops in Iraq: thorough this section the US would extend the privileges given to its troops and not only its military forces but also private US contractors like Black Water would be granted immunity from prosecution. All visa restrictions would be lifted for US nationals and they could freely travel to the country. In fact such humiliating conditions have never been imposed on any country even the defeated ones after World War II.

- The US would also be able to decide on agreements between Iraq and other nations and it would have the authority to veto any agreements between Iraq and US opponents. This section was in sharp contrast with Iraq's national interests and would have dire consequences for the nation's ties with other Middle Eastern states.

- Iraq's cultural affairs would be controlled by the US. In this way the US would be able to undermine the Islamic identity of Iraq, westernize the country and replace Islamic values with the Western ones.

The Grand Ayatollah has reiterated that he would not allow Iraq to sign such a deal with "the US occupiers" as long as he was alive, a source close to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said.

Weeping, women in Fadhil, Iraq.

Washington's plan has so far faced fierce protests by religious figures including Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Haeri, another senior Shia cleric, and it is expected that other religious figures join the efforts to prevent the deal.

in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami on Friday, in the Friday Kutbah, slammed as treachery to Islam a security accord due to be sealed between Baghdad and Washington on the presence of American occupation troops in Iraq.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani

The mainstream media keep mum about the accord, critics say SOFA would virtually put Iraq under the US tutelage and violate the country's sovereignty.

Friday, May 23, 2008


1.Somaliland, without any international recognition is planning to hold local council and Presidential elections. The ruling and two opposition parties is working out an election Schedule with the Election Commission.

Somaliland a declare independence since 1990

2. Puntland, Somalia - Another Private Security Militia? – this one for Somalia. The two foreign companies that gain oil prospecting rights in Somalia have organized their own security militia. The militia have began providing major security services for them in moving their equipment to the required location

Private Security Militias providing security to oil companies.

Gen Adde Muse

While the leader of Puntland, who has been away for two months, Gen. Adde Muse, is having a hard time over moves that he did while visiting foreign countries (extradition agreement with Ethiopia) recently and the situation especially economy and security of the region. Gen Adde Muse is working on extend his mandate as the leader for Puntland for another year.

3. Somalia – Al Shabaab militia and ICU forces have taken another two towns, one each in the middle and southern Somalia - adding up to the numbers to five.

There are reports that the TFG (Transitional Federal Government) Parliament building in the south-western town of Baidoa has been under attacks by the opposition militias killing guards.

South Africa’s UN ambassador voiced that Ethiopia is guilty of acting against the United Nations Security Council arms embargo on Somalia by bringing in weapons into Somalia. This is the first direct swipe at the Americans sponsored occupation of Somalia by foreign forces.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The 18 months stalemate - its over.

It has been rather taxing and restless week waiting for the outcome of the Arab League initiative to crystallize. It is a huge mountain in Lebanon’s case when compared to the multi-racial, multi-culture and multi-religious society of Malaysia which look like a mole hill in comparison. Malaysia just had our general election last March, which see a new look at the composition of her Parliament and what followed, the seemingly endless government main party internal bickering. In the Lebanese case, it is an all Arab affairs – though heavily divided in sects between two main religions of Abraham’s descendants – Christianity and Islam. The two Arab warring sides in Lebanon had seated for five days in Doha, Qatar to settle the 18 months stalemate in Lebanon over government composition and their inability to elect a President for the past 6 months and that too after a gun-fight on the streets in Beirut, that’s history and do read my earlier posting so as not to get carried away with American-Israeli reports presented to us and parrot by all main stream media throughout the world.

Syed Hassan

Initially I though to myself, oh god, they are flying back to Beirut without an agreement, despite the opposition’s willingness to negotiate till the cows come home. The negotiation started without any dateline. Further more, with a US high-tech warship menacing the Lebanese coast and news of more coming, I thought to myself what is that war-monger Bush trying to do! Though the US did announced that it was a normal warships movements. Sensing some security cover from the US warship, Simir Geagea, the treacherous and prosecuted war criminal and taken as the responsible butcher of the Palestinians, did appear non-compromising lately in his attempt not to capitulate to the opposition’s demand. As a the news unfold, I waited for the announcement that the parties involved is going home to Beirut without a peace agreement. Some one played with fire, either Simir Geagea or Saad al-Hiriri and it is coming to Lebanon from both ends - the land from Israel and the sea from the Americans. All news from Almanar, Presstv not to mention the British BBC, American Times and Ynet sounds gloomy and the whole exercise hosted by Qatar seems futile.

General Michel Suleiman

There has been an agreement, it was reported by all parties Lebanese, Iranian, British, American and Israeli. Thanks goodness, god have saved Lebanon from the internal trouble again, though how much some Arabs, British, Israel and American like it to happens. 14 Hezbollah fighters were martyred in the hands of their own Arab Lebanese brothers, isn’t that enough? Come on Lebanese Arabs, what at stake is not your personal powers but that of Lebanon and the Resistance against the Zionist-US arrogant machinations! I though to myself and with my supplications extended to the Great One.

Its seems a proper press conference is due. Agreement have been reached much to the chagrin of Israel. The Israeli intelligence can continue their sleeplessness.

Prime Minister Qatar, Prime Minister Lebanon, General Secretary Arab League.

  • The Presidency will go to General Michel Suleiman, he will be appointed latest, Friday.
  • As for the Unity Government, the earlier formula which I had posted was agreed upon, 3 President appointed ministers, 11 Opposition ministers & 16 pro-government ministers.
  • As for the Election Law, they are following the 1960 election laws - with some amendments.

Sending the delegation of to Doha

After six days, there is the good news now, the announcement on the agreement has been made. The talks has ended. In closing the talks, the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa and Amr Mussa the Arab League General Secretary, spoke. All parties involved the Prime Minister, the Speaker from Lebanon gave congratulatory speeches to the organizer. Congratulatory messages on the success of the talks, are coming in from across the world, including from America. The Malaysian TV news just announced the agreement on their 11pm news, though the details were sketchy. I don not think that many Malaysian followed the development though now we are now moving towards a world without borders. However one Malaysian Brother by the name of Tajuddin Abu Jawad had congratulated Hezbollah on behalf of PMIP (PAS), which was published in alManar.

Foreign Minister, Qatar.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Doha Lebanese Peace Talks -Arab League mediation

After 4 days of talks in Doha, it appears that there were positive developments and god willing conclude in an agreement among the parties concerned. Here we shall looked into the agreement achieved so far within the framework of the six points peace plan.

Qatar PM & Amr Mussa lead the talks


1. Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri,

2. Free Patriotic Movement leader Gen. Michel Aoun,

3. Hezbollah MP Mohammed Raad,

4. Popular Bloc MP Elie Skaff,

5. MP Hagop Pakradounian

are among the opposition delegates.


1. Fouad Siniora, Head of the un-constitutional government,

2. Saad al-Hariri, who leads the ruling bloc in parliament,

3. Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea,

4. Phalanges Party leader Amin Gemayel and

5. Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt,

are among those from the government who are attending the talks.

The delegates at the Talks

The Doha talks was joined by Arab countries' delegates representing Qatar, Djibouti, Oman, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, the UAE, Yemen, and Bahrain too. So is Arab League Secretary General, Amr Mussa

There was some hiccups on the first day of the meeting the meeting when the Pro US government delegates, acting on a US-Israeli-Saudi agenda, especially Saad al-Hariri had taken the opportunity to raise the issue of the Resistance arms again. Which was ruled out by the Hezbollah MP Mohammed Raad and others in the opposition side, as non-negotiable and not part of the six points plan and so did the Organizing Host, PM of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani.


Meanwhile interesting revelations were coming out from Israeli intelligence and US Senate, stating that the US Administration had given the green light for Israel to attack Beirut. Sources quoted that Saad al-Hariri was correctly expecting a back up attack from the Israel forces on the 11 hour on the 11 May 08. However at the speed of within four or five hours on that day where Hezbollah had defeated the Saad al-Hariri Security plus militia, while still manning and keeping up an alert force at the Southern front, give both Israel and the US a cold feet.

Six Points Peace plan

The agent provocateur, Saad al-Hiriri is in Doha. There is nobody in Lebanon willing to voice out words, that were create a sectarian schism. Walid Jumblatt is in Doha too. So peace is maintaining in Lebanon and three of the six points remains intact, the three points are listed first, and below is what have materialized in Doha, Qatar :-

1 Refrain from using weapons to advance political agendas

2 To engage in talks to establish the Sovereignty of Lebanon and a return to the pre ‘civil war’ status quo, before May 5.

3 Refrain from using language or provocations that will incite violence.

4. To elect a President.

All parties have agreed to the Army Chief Michel Suleiman to be elected as President. It is expected that he will be install as President in the next 3 days.

General Michel Suleiman

5 To Form a Unity Government

The delegates on both sides of the divide had agreed to a Unity formula where 16 cabinet posts will be taken by government side,11 posts taken by the opposition side and 3 posts will be appointed by the President in the future cabinet.

6 To Formulate a New Electoral Law or amend the existing law.

The conferees

The conferees agreed to a four or six man committee, equal amount from each side, to trash this out and come up with an all party agreed law. The opposition views that the pro US government proposals entails to give the government bloc an advantage in terms of constituencies expected won by them. On the other hand Hezbollah MP attempts to put up a standard method of aligning the constituency, which would be fair to both parties. Discussion on this point is still going on and expects to conclude within the next twenty-four hours The next election due next year, 2009.

Qatar PM wishes.

The Lebanese political leaders will not leave Doha before reaching an agreement. A delegate attending the meetings said that Qatar’s proposal on Sunday on the figuration of a unity government as a possible way out of the current crisis in Lebanon can be adopted while postponing the decision on the disputed electoral law. The Qatar PM has to leave them and be in Saudi Arabia for the GCC meeting on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More than the Eagles had landed in Mogadishu.

US and French soldiers were dropped on Somalia soil in South Mogadishu on Friday 16 May 2008. 4 warships were involved in the operation Upon arrival the soldiers were then rushed to Adden Adde International Airport to meet AMISOM (African Union Mission In Somalia) and Somalia government troops escorted by 19 helicopters hovering overhead.

Of late the there has been a series of setbacks for the occupation forces from Ethiopia, Somalia government forces and forces that claimed to be instituting order, consisting of Soldiers from Uganda and AMISOM. The number of Soldiers from Ethiopia and Somalia government forces killed and more wounded during the fighting in May 2008 are high and believed to be rising as of now it is reported that 3 town have fallen to the Al-Shabaab militias or ICU ( Islamic Courts Union).

Al - Shabaab militias

There have been numerous civilians indiscriminately killed by Ethiopian soldiers in their vent in the midst of their losses. I believed that this had sparked some discord between the Somalia government soldiers and Ethiopian soldiers and will tremendously reduced their legitimacy and popularity among the local populace of Somalia. It will be a fly in the face of the Interim government of Somalia and soon they will be fighting the whole Somalia people.

I am a keen observer and have been following the events, cited below in reverse chronological order, after the successful murder of the Al-Shabaab head by US air raids:-

  • 17 May 08 – Saturday, At least 12 Ethiopian soldiers were killed and more than 25 were injured. Armed rebels carrying bazookas attacked a military base in north Mogadishu near the Arafat Hospital.
  • 16 May 2008, Friday, two towns – Dinsor and Bal'ad fell to Al-Shabaab / ICU (Islamic Court Union).
  • 13 May 08, Tuesday – In a press report from Presstv, ICU spokesman Abdirahim Issa Adow vow to attack all foreign forces from Ethiopia, Uganda and AMISOM. He also confirmed that in the last 12 hours 120 soldiers have been killed. In another incident 9 government soldiers were killed and 11 injured by angry Ethiopian soldiers at a government checkpoint.
  • 12 May 08. Monday - 30 Ethiopian soldiers killed and 76 injured in another land mine explosion in Hiiran district.
  • 12 May 08, Monday - 8 Ethiopian soldiers and 12 government soldiers killed in separate land mines explosions not including the numbers wounded not including what is reported above.
    25 Civilians arrested by police for unknown reasons then.
  • 11 May 08, Sunday – 4 bodyguards killed and more missing after the puppet government convoy was ambushed according to the government spokesman Osman Hasssan

Ethiopian replaced Hiiran District Governor. Forcedly disarmed his supporters and confiscated their weapons and military vehicles involving 2000 guns and 21 military vihicles

Ethiopian Soldiers confiscating guns

  • 8 May 08,Thursday – 100 Ethiopian soldiers believed killed in two separate attacks. The most classic success of Al-Shabaab was at Hiiran ambush where all 45 Ethiopian soldiers were annihilated.
  • 7 May 08, Wednesday – 26 Ethiopian soldiers killed , Al-Shabaab deadly guerrilla war on Somalia government forces, Ethiopia occupying soldiers and AMISON (mainly Ugandan soldiers)
  • 5 May 08, Monday - More than 16 Ethiopian soldiers killed when Al-Shabaab attacked. While fleeing the Ethiopians sprays bullets onto the civilians causing numerous death among them.

Today marked the day when businessmen demanded payments in USD instead of Somalia Shillings from the public. In the last three months the Somalia Shillings dropped from 17,000 for 1 USD to 30,000. Well that will take more tolls on the support for the Interim Somalia Government.

  • Despite the fact that in very early May 2008 , 4 US planes raided the Somali town of Dusamareb and killed the head of Al-Shabaab militias, Aden Hashi Ayro and his lieutenant Sheikh Muhdin Omar plus another 10 militias, their resolved to fight on and drive our the foreign occupation forces, goes unabated.
famine in Somalia

  • On the same day the US landed , Friday 16 May 2008 two towns – Dinsor and Bal’ad fell to Al-Shabaab Forces/ ICU (Islamic Court Union). The following day, Saturday 17 may 2008 – the puppet Interim Government Parliamentary Speaker Adan Madobe spoke with Mogadishu-based Radio Banadir, acknowledging that Jilib had fallen to Al- Shabaab Forces / ICU. It was the third town to fall within two days.

As for the US they are definitely successful, again in producing one of the worst humanitarian crisis, again in a Muslim country, again in Somalia. How many US Presidents had done so? Now! now…

Reference garoweonline and presstv.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Points Peace Plan and The Resistance

The Arab League
Ministerial Meeting in Lebanon
May 14 & 15.

Siniora’s cabinet decisions revoke

On the 15 May, 08 ten days after its enactment, the Lebanese information minister Ghazi Aridi announced that the two decisions made against the Resistance have been revoke. The decisions have not been executed nor has any decree been issued to implement them.

Six Points Peace plan

1 To elect a President.

Qatar's PM, Siniora & Sec. Gen.

All parties have agreed to the Army Chief Michel Suleiman to be elected as President. If this really materialized in the election day already fixed on the coming June10, which is the twentieth attempt to elect a President then it will rule out the Pro Israel criminal who had just served 11 years in jail, Simir Geagea. Geagea is also a Maronite Christian and the leader of The Lebanese Forces, who had been eying for the post.

2 To Form a Unity Government

3 To Formulate a New Electoral Law or amend the existing law.

As for the above two points there are disagreements between the parties concerned The next election due in 2009.

4 Refrain from using weapons or arms to advance political agendas

5 To engage in talks to establish the Sovereignty of Lebanon and a return to the pre ‘civil war’ status quo, before May 5.

6 Refrain from using language or provocations that will incite violence.

After agreeing to the six point peace plan and announced by the Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the Resistance (Hezbollah) and other opposition supporters began clearing road blocks to open the airport and other public facilities. They also announce the ending of the 18 month Parliamentary sit-in once the President is elected.

The Opposition workers clearing the airport blockade


Talks will start in Doha, Qatar on Friday May 16, 2008. The talks will be in line with the Constitution and the Taif Accord which ended the 1989 civil war in Lebanon.

Arab League Secretary General & Qatar's Prime Minister.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lebanon - stretching for a peaceful solution

On 15 M
ay, 08 The Arab Ministerial team is headed by headed by Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, and includes the foreign ministers of Algeria, Djibouti, Jordan, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.Arab League chief Amr Mussa, who arrived in Doha on Tuesday, said that the crisis in Lebanon got more complicated

Arab League Delegation

The delegation is expected to hold talks with the head of the unconstitutional government’s Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Speaker Nabih Berri, army chief Gen. Michel Suleiman, Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun, Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri.

The Lebanese daily An-Nahar said the delegation will start talks by meeting with Berri at his Beirut mansion in Ain el-Tineh. It added that Berri will stress to the committee the need for the government to revoke its decisions, which caused a deterioration in the security situation lately, before discussing details about the implementation of the Arab League initiative. Latest news from Presstv reported that the anti- resistance decision have been revoke

In the meantime, Saniora called on his ministerial team to hold a meeting on. Wednesday, amid uncertainty about whether they will revoke their controversial decisions or not. For its part the US administration continued to provide moral support to Saniora's collapsing bloc and stay on as long as possible. Hezbollah had issued a statement condemning Hariri's sectarian provocation. There are reports of Saudi's-Israeli collaboration to move Israeli troops in a threatening manner towards Lebanon border, if the 'civil war' continued.

Washington has apparently backed down from their strong backing on Saniora and his bloc with US Undersecretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Welch only urging his allies in Lebanon to be solid and strong to improve the conditions of the internal settlement in their favour. US President George W. Bush had earlier said that the only solution for Lebanon was a diplomatic solution, stressing that the destroyer USS Cole is in the Mediterranean on exercise. In previous warnings, Bush used to say that his destroyers have deployed off the Lebanese coast to protect Fouad Saniora and his government.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Lebanese Experience & Reality.

Have you been reading western sources of news? Well, what these news reported may took placed, but it is how they reported it can be typical of an American style of journalism.. Which in this case can be summarized as b

  1. Hezbollah is the CULPRIT, they are the terrorists and they are the bad guys that should be VICTIMISED - like sending to Guantanamo Bay and get obliterated utterly.
  1. There are only two parties warring in Lebanon there The Pro Government Forces represented by Siniora as the Prime Minister. Supported by the International Community on the one side against the terrorist Hezbollah supported and sponsored by Rogue states namely Syria and Iran. Which is NOT TRUE.
  1. Siniora is the Prime Minister of the majority. They form the are the legitimate government representing the Lebanese people.
  1. Siniora government must be help and prop up by all International responsible community and International Institutions like the UN and Arab League at all cost.
  1. The Lebanese army cannot be counted on to safeguard the interest of the people of Lebanon, instead they cohorts with the terrorist Hezbollah.
  1. The whole incident is an attempted Pro Tehran coup, unconstitutional and illegal to oust out a democratically legal government of Sinora, a propanganda by US – Israeli controlled media.
  1. A Summary

We shall go through these each issues one by one to see the myth that surrounds it and know the reality.

  1. To answer this inquiry we have to first asked, how did the fierce gunfight battles in Beirut started. Walid Jumblatt kicked off the two issues which later were taken up by the Unconstitutional Fouad Sinora Coalition, First, the Western-back Siniora’s Coalition outlawed the Hezbollah fiber optic telecommunication network and second, they sacked Beirut Airport's security chief and wanted to take over the airport security.

Hezbollah rationale being their telecommunication network is their defense system that keeps them going through the Summer 2006 war imposed by Israel and Hezbollah cannot just give up this weapon which is essential to defend Lebanon. On the airport security, the Chief of Security is a Trustworthy Nationalist who his acted in the interest of Lebanon and the Pro Israel-US Coalition wanted to let Mossad, FBI, CIA or MI5 to have a free hand at the airport.

Within a day, in Beirut, Hezbollah and allies defeated forces loyal to the American-backed Siniora’s Lebanese government with their all newly equipped militias. These quick victory rendered the Sinora’s backers caught and unable to do anything meaningfull to ‘militarily’ assistance to them

  1. With 17 different sects and a constitution that divides power among these differing religious groups, bold power grabs by any one group are usually ephemeral and followed by chaos. The term used to describe the Lebanese polity is ‘confessional democracy’ putting it crudely one can say it as ‘sectarian democracy’. Since their 1943 National Pact it is their practice that the President is a Maronite Christian, The Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim and the Speaker a Shi’a Muslim. The Taif accord slightly modify their original 1943 Parliamentary Composition. Since the accord, the Parliamentary seat is accorded 50-50 for Christians and the Muslims (Sunni, Shi’a and Druze). As of the Spring 2005 election, the 128 Parliamentarians consist of :-

The Opposition group is consists of Hezbollah (Shia), Amal (Shia), Democratic Party (Mixed), Tawhid Party (Sunni), Free Patriotic Movement (Christian), Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Al-Murabitun (Sunni) and other smaller parties, Collectively described as Pro-Syria.

The Pro Siniara’s group made up of Saad Hariri Future Movement (Sponsored by, Saudi), Walid Jublatt Progressive Socialist Party (Sponsored by Israel, US and France), Simir Geagea’s Phalange (Kateib) Party and Lebanese Forces (Sponsored by US) – Collectively known as the ‘Welch’s Club’. Walid Jumblatt, Simir Geagea and Saad Hariri are all known foreign agents and have their own agenda for Lebanon. Their group is officially made known by the main stream media as March 14 Coalition – a Pro-Western grouping.

Walid Jumblatt & Saad Hariri

3. During the Spring 2005 election due to rising anti-Syrian feelings Siniora's or known as March 14 Coalition Team won 72 out of 128 Parliamentary Seats. However they consist of Sunni, Christians and Druze, that leave out the Shias which form the majority of the population (this may be disputed for the last official census conducted in Lebanon was in 1932 for sectarianism is a very sensitive issue in Lebanon couple with a large presence of Palestine).

The Coalition had a lot of political bickering that make the people fed up. Their key figures are foreign agents and have their own agenda to make Lebanon Pro Western, Pro US and hence Pro Israel other than advancing their own self interest. It is an open secret that they supported Israel to totally crushed the Resistance (Hezbollah) but Instead saw Lebanon bombed to the pulp while the Resistance survived the Israeli onslaught.

The March 14 Coalition has been avoiding three main issues, which has plague Lebanon for the past 18 months, first to form a National Unity Government meaning to include the Shia’s in the Cabinet (the Shia’s is bargaining for a third of the total numbers of seats), second to seat with the others (opposition) in the Parliament to elect a popular and acceptable President, third to come up with a new electoral laws. There is little transparency too, in the coalition dealings such as the expenses of the donations from other Nations after the destruction done by Israel and cabinets meetings make import decisions with going through the Parliaments, like allowing the arming of Militias recently but their longest Parliamentary sitting was to make these anti-Resistance ruling that caused the brief 'civil war' between the Pro-Resistance and Anti- Resistance forces.

In order to avoid doing that they had not convene the Parliamentary seating for more than a year and the Opposition had organized a sit-in outside the Parliament building for 18 months now and had organized mock funeral procession passing the houses of the politicians..

4. Western and US help have been promised to Siniora before the war during the Cedar Revolution, and act seen by the Pro-West and Western Regimes as an act to decouple Lebanon from Syria and after the Israeli Summer 2006 aggression, monetary and military aid were given to the Lebanese Siniora’s government and the army, Though Israel is very silent at the international level on Hezbollah, but their master US and allies, bent on Hezbollah destruction are using the United Nations and the Arab League to do their bidding .

  1. The Lebanese Army have acted very prudently, without taking sides in this ‘civil war’. This battle is very different from the Fatah-Islami’s recent case where there was only one party involved and probably a non-Lebanese entity, though it may be have been finance and organized internally by some influential personality. Any way, it was mentioned in several posts that the army and resistance have gathered intelligence regarding all the development of the militias and their support system in Lebanon.

The recent civil war can be said as a war between the Resistance and the anti Resistance force. It is not a sectarian war between Sunni and Shi’a. The key anti- Resistance players have been the corrupt Saad Hariri Future Movement (Sunni), Maronite Christian Simir Geagea The Lebanese Forces and Walid Jumblatt Druze Progresssive Socialist Party. It started with the ruling of banning the Hezbollah telecommunication system and sacking of the Airport Security chief.

Nabih Berri

6. Depending on which side you are on whether you are pro- Hezbollah or anti- Hezbollah or looking for something more objective regarding the episode, opportunities are available on the net, including looking at the history and evolution of Lebanon. Forget about over selling American Democracy, which is only good in its original written form.It is certainly not Iranian Inspired or a Pro-Tehran coup or with Iranian Quds force backing similarly Syria is not involved too. Recent history shows that those who are involved are the ones that flooded the country with arms and hard cash to sponsor a coup against the Resistance and have interests to see the Resistance collapses.

  1. As of 13 May 05, Nabih Berri the Speaker make some interesting remarks about what is to be expected in the next coming few days, but the Siniora's Ruling Coalition, Jumblatt, Hariri and Geagea seems to change their position after feeling some sense of security provided by their puppet masters, such as the presence of USS Cole and State of the art missiles pointing to their country. Only 3 days ago they were begging and backing the Army to restore peace and order, should the opposition wanted political power, these people can be easily jailed or get something worse. We have to wait and see - what happen next, best wishes for our brothers in the Resistance in Lebanon. Anyway, today the 14th May, 08 the Arab Foreign Ministers delegations will be in Lebanon to start a national dialogue and solving the issue of forming a National Unity Government and looking into finalizing the new electoral laws. A 27 member security team from Qatar is in Beirut now, responsible for security measures for delegates of the Arab Foreign Minsters meeting.

USS Cole

Further development will depends too, on the Arab League, the United Nations and the International Community. The role of the Resistance is to prepare for their activity as a force to resist Israel and protect their country from Israeli aggression. They do not scheme to be dominant or dominate the world, Middle East or even Lebanon.

In the Israeli News,
the Americans and some Arab countries, they have been trying very hard and do their utmost to present to the world that the Resistance have turn their weapons on their own people (the Lebanese) and as such no longer worthy and legitimate to keep their arms. It is in the interest of the Resistance to ensure the survival of the Resistance and recent ‘civil war’ only proves that point and a word of thanks should be extended to all the Opposition forces that joined the Resistance (Hezbollah) in the recent short and brief ‘Civil War’ including the army for being independent minded and not siding the Siniora’s government in their attempt to crush the popular Resistance forces.

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