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Friday, May 30, 2008

"Collection of statements and stories on Ezam outside UMNO"

A screen shot of the blog

Ezam, a former youth leader of PKR (Peoples' Justice Party) had submitted a form to re-join UMNO to the President of UMNO Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. While the President, the Selangor State Chief Liaison Officer (Muhammad Muhammad Taib) have taken the opportunity to make a propaganda exercise out of it, probably to cover some grounds recently lost by UMNO due to the resignation of its former President, former Prime Minister of Malaysia and a close friend of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

While R. Mugabe at 84 is still trying very hard to clamor to the highest throne in the republic of Zimbabwe by letting loose his goons of war veterans and militia to harass and murder his political opponents, the former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir opted to a tactic of resigning from his party and asking other party workers and/or members to quit too. So far the support for Tun Dr Mahathir has been cold and there are no major takers. Therefore the Status Quo remains unchanged in Malaysia.

The re-entry of Ezam is not a smooth sailing either. The UMNO youth leader who is the Minister of Education raises some questions. A member of UMNO Supreme Council who was earlier hinted as possible challenger to the Present UMNO President in their coming Annual Delegates Conference had also voiced the need for the Supreme Council to approve Ezam re-entry into UMNO due to his past records being an UMNO member expelled from the Party. The UMNO Deputy President also the Deputy Prime Minister who was quiet early on also joined the fray and made similar calls.

Now there is a new blog on the Net, in Malay, titled “Cerita dan KIsah Ezam di luar UMNO”, if literally translated into English, one can say “Stories and Episodes of Ezam outside UMNO”. This blog is doctored by some “kumpulan kenyataan dan cerita Ezam di Luar umno” or “Collection of statements and stories on Ezam outside UMNO and their identities are not revealed. As who the blog doctors’ are trying to bash is anyone’s guess for the nature of the postings rendered all names named in the blog as a non angel. That's not very helpful in trying to identify which camp the “doctor” belongs to!

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