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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Somalia: Strong Confrontation Over Night At the Former Spaghetti Plant in Mogadishu


A deadly clash took place in the former spaghetti plant which is currently the base of the Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu. The sounds of big explosion followed by serious cross fire could be heard.

The battle started at around 9:15pm local time and was active for more than forty minutes.

The dwellers in Hiliwa district where the fighting occurred told Shabelle radio that they could not bear the ear drum breaking sounds of the cannons and the explosion. Some news just says that some mortars landed at some parts of Hiliwa market. But so far there is no death reported, but property damages as Abdisalan a freelance journalist reported. The battle later escalated to Ex-control Balad and around Igar factory.

"Our chests were on the ground and we were not able to leave our heads off the ground" said Mohamed Abdi a resident from the area.

It is yet unclear the damages of this combat. The city had been quite calm for the last two days. This skirmish coincides with when the people are celebrating for their Eid-ul- fitr festival.

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