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Monday, October 22, 2007

Azeri official blasts US policies

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Head of the Islam Party in Azerbaijan Republic on Saturday blasted America's policies against the Islamic countries.

Stressing that America is the biggest enemy of Islam, Mohsen Samadov said that "in order to achieve its illigimate goals in the region, America has sent 700,000 Iraqi people to death which is really a genocide of Muslims."

Pointing that America, the Zionist lobbies, Freemasonry groups and other Satanic formations see the Muslims as their enemies, he noted that "Thank God that by approving the 'genocide of Armenians' in America's Congress, the real face of America and the Zionist lobbies was revealed for Azeri politicians. "

Asked by the Di Az news agency, whether he considers America as "the Big Satan," or not, Samadov replied that "regarding the process of formation, history and the current status of America, we can see this reality clearly."

"America even hasn't had mercy to the country's Indians, much less it would have mercy on Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, " he said.

"America is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. It does not want the Islamic countries become powerful," Samadov said

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