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Saturday, April 5, 2008

What happened on my Birthday!

1 Malaysian opposition - putting their act together

Quote :
April 1st, 2008 - Limkitsiang

Leaders of DAP, PKR and PAS met in Petaling Jaya today and took the logical next step of the March 8 political tsunami – proposing the establishment of a new front of the three political parties to be tentatively known as PAKATAN RAKYAT. Unquote.

To remind you of the gist Declaration Rakyat organised Barisan Rakyat, click to see the video.

2 Is Robert Mugabe leaving? - Peace and prosperity coming to Zimbabwe

The man who rule Zimbabwe for One and a half term longer ( in Malaysian context ) than the former Malaysian Prime Minister, may take an exit due to a disastrous election performance. His is the well known freedom fighter, Robert Mugabe , and was popular too, not just in Zimbabwe but the whole African continent. Zimbabweans went to the polls with Mugabe already 28 years in power, at 84 seeking another term, on last 29th March 2008. If this were to happen in Malaysia, there may be some senior ministers who would, believe it or not, will asked Mugabe to stay on, for quiting now will bring instability to the country and discourages foreign investors from investing in the country.

looked at the political situation in Zimbabwe,

Looking at the issues, it's like the worse case scenario for Malaysia. The mode of campaigning is the same and the opposition main concerned is for a free and fair election. We Malaysians are counting on the politicians to clean our electoral roll and appoint a good, reliable and neutral Election Commission before the next election. Non involvement of security forces and other state apparatus in the process. What is worrying, both locally and internationally, is the delay in the announcements in the Senate and Assembly results. Why the result for the Presidency is still pending.

A boosts for Zimbabwe opposition support - 31 Mar 08

With Mugabe's party losing the Parliament to MDC Morgan Tsvangirai, many viewed that something is cooking and Mugabe may leave his country and a talk was brokered by the South African President, Thabo Mbeki. One of the conditions is immunity from persecution for Mugabe. The Presidential poll results have yet to be announced. However situations takes a new twist when there was an announcement that Robert Mugabe is set to for a second round of voting and beginning to unleashed his vile methods once again. We earnestly hope the Zimbabweans will not be intimidated and just put Robert Mugade out of the system, put him in your history books, vote for the MDC Candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai. ZANU-FP had decided to support Mugabe for the second round election, their war veteran who fought against white rule had began marching into the cities probably as a show of force to create intimidation and awe. As history tells us, Mugabe "green boys" will be included and heavily coupled with all other dirty tricks in order to secure a win.

3 Al Sadr and his Jaish al-Mahdi did it again! They WON!!

Mehdi Army members escort
shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr
during his visit to the holy city
of Najaf, Iraq, Feb. 27, 2006.

Ali Abu Shish / Reuters

In 2004, Sadr and his Jaish al-Mahdi fought the
US invaders and managed by the grace and the will of Allah, to stand firm on their ground driving the US forces out of their territory.

On 25 March the Nouri al-Maliki's forces sent his strong force into Basra to take on Sadr and Jaish al-Mahdi (Mahdi's army) and two other smaller militias. This happened after Dick Cheney's visit to Iraq. The assault was supported by the US ground forces, British artillery, US and British air Support. Despite the overwhelming odds, Al-Sadr, to the surprised of the US, stood firm on his turf while his al-Mahdi army militia took on the invaders. Within the next two days Nouri's soldiers were handing over their weapons and surrendering to the al-Mahdi's Forces. To salt to the wound, Mahdi's Army succeeded in kidnapping Nouri's government spokesmen for security, Tahsin alShekhli after overcoming and killing Tahsin's bodyguards.

The Americans top brass including The Republican President Candidate (McCain) disowned the operation as whole, it was Nouri al-Maliki's own misadventure's. By the first of April the Al- Mahdi's Army were off the streets in Basra and Bagdad without any displayed of arms under the instructions of Al-Sadr. The ceased fire agreement was in favour of Al-Sadr Mahdi Army, the terms were no further harassment of his supporters, to release Sadr supporters under detention and to allow al-Mahdi Army to keep their arms, for their arms are arms of resistance against forces of occupation.

Probably under the instigation of the Americans, for the embarrassment they had to shoulder The American made Nouri al-Maliki had to refuse to sign the peace deal and does not rule out any further military actions Sadr, meanwhile, called for a massive nationwide protest on April 9, the day of the fifth anniversary of the fall of Saddam's regime. Since then Sadr and his followers have been demanding an end to what they call a tyrant occupation by US-led forces in Iraq.

The Riz Khan Show asks if Iraq is on the verge of a new civil war. Someone should also asked whether this is another Mr Bush test before he takes on Iran.

4 Two battle at one go for Hezbollah

If electing a President of Lebanon is still as illusive as how a candidate Suleiman, the present army chief put it, "This leaves us with a mountain of contradictory conditions that must be met if a new president is to be elected. If one side nominates me the other side protests. If one country supports my candidacy another opposes it," What is obvious is the involvement of foreign hands including Israel via America. If Lebanon cannot just ignore everybody or at least being Arabs take only opinion of the Arabs. While this impasse is on it seems that the arms are coming into Lebanon to various parties, including their Premier Sinora, it is anybody's guess that someone likes another civil war to break out in Lebanon.

On the other hand there are signs of a comprehensive war preparations an the likeliness of an other Israeli attack on Lebanon. Hezbollah preparation, Hezbollah now has to take caution and prepare for a war on two fronts simultaneously.

5 Will America attack Iran this April or anytime in near future before Bush and Cheney leave Their offices?

On many occasions words are spun on the internet that America is planning for a war with Iran, doing it for Israel's security and existence. The latest spun is that it is going to be in this month or a very near future , at the tail end of the Bush-Cheney administration.

The reasons for this believe is the recent Bush and Cheney visit to the Middle East and have their allies ready with necessary maneuvering , practices and precautions. There were also troops movements towards the Iranian border, a nuclear submarine crossing the Suez Canal to the Persian Gulf to join other war ships already there and the resignation of Admiral William Fallon. Iran's Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said,"If the world needs an anti-missile shield, it must be used to counter missiles and the nuclear menace coming from the U.S. and Israel, which directly or indirectly threaten different countries with aggression and war."

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