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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good old Bob determined to stay?


In the Harare township of warrent Park, for the first time that anyone can remember, political graffiti has begun to appear on clapperboard walls and the backs of tin sheds. Alongside election posters for Robert Mugabe, unseen hands scrawl messages to the President. "Chinja Maitiro" reads one: "Change Your Way." Another declares: "Zuakwana," meaning "Enough."

Opposition want to take matter to court - Zimbabweans have no faith in
Mugabe's government is widely accused in the West of stealing previous presidential and parliamentary elections, and his removal is seen by Washington and London as necessary to rebuilding Zimbabwe's shattered economy.

"We want an urgent release of the results, within four hours of the court order," he said. "We're fighting the anxiety, disappointment, speculation and rumors as a result of this delay."

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe's opposition party asked the United Nations Saturday to intervene in the country's presidential runoff campaign over fears that longtime ruler Robert Mugabe may stage a violent crackdown to stay in power.

Not much have been highlighted about Zimbabwe thus far

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