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Thursday, November 8, 2007

US Dictatorship : Meddling in Lebanese Affairs

Hezbollah: United States Tries to Dictate
source almanartv


Hezbollah has described the United States move to block assets of a number of Lebanon's leading opposition figures as obvious dictatorship. Washington recently decided to block assets belonging to a number of Lebanese and Syrian figures whom US President George W. Bush has accused of carrying out attempts to harm the unconstitutional government of Fouad Saniora. Based on this new measure, American citizens are prohibited from commercial cooperation with the listed individuals.

"The United States' decision, which has been put into place because of the political and national stance taken up by Lebanon's opposition groups, is a source of pride for all those against US policy," read a statement issued by Hezbollah.
"This move unveils the true face of the United States, which claims to be democratic, and its shameful insult directed at freedom of speech, for nations worldwide," it added.

Hezbollah also called on active forces in the Arab and Muslim world to learn from this US act of dictatorship, which is neither the first nor the last count of U.S. interference in other countries' internal affairs.
The movement condemned Lebanon's ruling bloc for accepting US domination and said that the United States had offended the liberty and rights of nations by carrying out the move.

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