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Friday, November 30, 2007


Hamas Wants UN to Annul Palestine Partition


29/11/2007 Hamas called on the United Nations to annul its vote partitioning British-mandated Palestine on Thursday, the 60th anniversary of the historic decision that permitted Israel's creation. "The Hamas movement demands the United Nations to immediately reverse itself on its resolution," the Islamic resistance movement said in a statement released 60 years to the day that the world body voted to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. "It is not shameful to correct its mistake," it said.
"Hamas puts (on the UN) the entire responsibility of the Resolution 181 vote that permitted the partition of Palestine and everything that followed it, and all the suffering and catastrophes suffered by our people." The resolution "displaced Palestinians from their land and brought forth the invasion of the occupiers and Western forces." Hamas said it "does not recognize any international resolution that neglects Palestinian rights and principles, starting with the right of return for refugees and the creation of an independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital."

Thousands Flock to Hamas Anti-US Meet Demo in Gaza

27/11/2007 Thousands of Hamas supporters began flocking to central Gaza City on Tuesday for a rally called by the Hamas Movement to reject a key Middle East conference due to open in the United States. Waving the green flags of Hamas, demonstrators poured into a central square from all over the impoverished and overcrowded territory. Mosque loudspeakers urged people to join the demonstration. Hamas said on Monday that it would not be bound by any decisions taken there. "The decisions taken at Annapolis are not binding on the Palestinian people, who have not authorized anyone, either Arab or Palestinian, to erase their rights," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum said.

Speaking ahead of the Gaza demonstration, the premier of the dismissed Hamas government Ismail Haniya reiterated that stance, saying that "Any concessions on any Palestinian rights are unacceptable and the Palestinian people will not implement any decisions if they touch on our rights."
Hamas Movement along with smaller resistance groups refuse to recognize Israel and to renounce violence, and have warned the Palestinian leadership against making any concessions on issues such as the right of return for refugees and occupied al-Qods.
Having democratically swept aside President Mahmud Abbas's long-dominant Fatah party in January 2006 parliamentary polls, Hamas argues that without its accord the president lacks the mandate to negotiate on behalf of all Palestinians.

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