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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Great Debate - Is MALAYSIA an Islamic State (IS) or Secular State (SS)

The controversial Polemics, Is MALAYSIA an Islamic State (IS) or Secular State (SS) – is said to be haywire because those involved in the polemics did not differentiate clearly as what type of state MALAYSIA has become today as opposed to what type of state MALAYSIA should be (either according to historical continuity context or their desire).

As for DAP and MCA they felt MALAYSIA should be a SS but on the contrary it moves towards crystallizing it into an IS.

As for PAS they think that MALAYSIA should be an Islamic State but on the contrary it is moving towards a SS entity.

For ABIM President Malaysia is an IS, ( Uncertain this position limit to leadership only) only the question of its Islamicness, there a lot of goodness and further improvement needed to be done.

Within UMNO, MALAYSIA is an IS and adequately the best available IS now. UMNO is even ready to export to the rest of the Islamic world.

pick up your choice ...which one you agree with

For PKR, they are having some difficulties and still thinking of the best political posture for this plural society while maintaining a good relation with PAS and DAP. Big problem, where the leadership is really tested. If they are successful, thumbs up!

In any Islamic Country this situation is always there. The Leaders of an Islamic Country have to give rooms to Muslims and the non Muslims with various different opinions.

In Summary, in Malaysia

UMNO / ABIM / DAP / MCA is in agreement that Malaysia now is an IS , only the first two love it but the second two do not like it and want it secular.

A. If Malaysia should be either IS or SS is the contention, That’s normal, hence there will be a struggle – each wanting to make their dream a reality.

DAP / MCA is making noise as to what Malaysia should be - a SS. No what it is now. Thats their political legitimacy Ticket

B…….but we cannot come to a consensus as to what type State we are and hence what we want

Islamic State (IS) PAS and Islamic State ((IS) UMNO / ABIM / DAP / MCA is not the same.

But what we have now is, Rakyat Malaysia have no consensus, is Malaysia an Islamic State? Is that good for politics, may be the politics of misleading. We had seen the 3 different positions of UMNO, ABIM and PAS. It means the understanding of Islam have not reached a unity of thoughts and wide spread. These differences indicates the need and potential for spreading Islamic teachings, information and reaching consensus.

For Malaysia to be an Islamic State is important to UMNO for it is source of their political allegiance. As for ABIM that faith is crucial as a rationale and basis for their existence and activities MALAYSIA a continuous social involvements for further goodness and improvement to be done for IS.

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