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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. Death - Thailand

Scientist Dr Porntip Rojansunan (playfully called Dr. Porn,in  Malaysia, she is handling Teoh Beng Huat's autopsy) is waging a one-woman war against Thailand's notoriously corrupt and trigger-happy police. With her spiky dyed hair and funky clothes, Dr Porntip doesn't look like a normal Thai scientist. And she certainly doesn't act like one. Her stand against police corruption has led to her being feted as a people's champion and mobbed wherever she goes. Porntip estimates that police lie or tamper with the evidence in 60% of the cases. She is now being sued by the police for concluding that a suspect who died in custody was tortured to death. "I was quite upset at first but now I think 'never mind. I'll fight them.'" She is also campaigning to set up an independent forensic science centre that will not be controlled by the police. It seems like it will take more than a visit to court to silence this staunch police critic.

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