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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guantanamo detainees admit to orchestrating 9/11

Tue, 10 Mar 2009 08:49:40 GMT     |  PressTV

The world-changing attacks of 9/11 on the World Trade Center in New York killed some 3000 American civilians.
Five detainees at Guantanamo Bay charged with plotting the 9/11 attacks have accepted responsibility for the deaths of nearly 3,000 people.

Five men held in the notorious US prison camp have filed a document admitting that they belonged to a consultative assembly responsible for planning the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

According to the New York Times, the five detainees, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who has described himself as the mastermind of the attacks, have "expressed pride at their accomplishment".

An unnamed government official, who had access to the document, told a reporter that the inmates believed the American government's accusations had brought no shame on them.

"To us," read the document, "they are not accusations. To us they are a badge of honor, which we carry with honor."

The military judge presiding over the case, Col. Stephen R. Henley of the Army, said the strategic aim of filing the document is not clear and the men have sought no specific legal action.

President Barack Obama issued an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp on his first day in office. He, however, added that the order would take a considerable amount of time to be operational.

As a result of the presidential command, all the military proceedings at Guantanamo have been halted and the case of the five men is on hiatus until the government decides on how to proceed.

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