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Monday, February 23, 2009

MACC chairman’s son arrested for importing child porn | 23 February, 2009

Chairman of MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), Ahmad Said has a son named Ahmad Shauqi, a Malaysia Airlines pilot, who was arrested in Adelaide Airport for importing child pornography material into Australia.

Could this charge have anything to do with Ahmad Said’s recent issuing of a public prejudgment that “there was strong and good evidence” against Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim in alleged wrongdoing in the maintenance of a luxury car and purchase of sacrificial cows? Is this why we did not hear much of the main stream media coverage on the arrest of Ahmad Shauqi?

Could the arrest have negatively impacted the independence of MACC for carrying out its duties? Could this charge be why the countless accusations brought up by the opposition leaders against BN are swept under the carpet with no investigation or follow-up actions? Is this the time for Ahmad Said to step down from his position for losing the public confidence on MACC?

In order to assure the impartiality and integrity of MACC, Ahmad Said should be interrogated for his ability to carry out his tasks freely and fairly.

*The name should be Ahmad Shauqi (first name), instead of Ahmad Said (surname).

Visiting pilot fined over child porn (ABC News, Feb 8, 2009)

A Malaysia Airlines pilot who was caught importing child pornography to Australia yesterday has faced court.

When Ahmad Said*, 25, arrived at Adelaide Airport yesterday he said he did not have anything to declare.

But customs officers searched his laptop and found child sex videos.

A handcuffed Said has faced court.

Magistrate Simon Smart told him the videos were cruel and violent and it was a disgrace that the married father of two had brought the material to Australia.

The magistrate said people like Said encouraged the market for child pornography.

Said, whose wife is expecting their third child, was fined $6,000.

He left court with a jumper over his head because of television camera crews.

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