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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Will G3 stops IAEA report to UNSC

Diplomacy can resolve Iran's N-issue
Fri, 31 Aug 2007 21:43:52
Source: PressTV, agencies

Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix

The former UN chief weapons inspector says diplomacy is the best way to resolve the standoff with Iran over its uranium enrichment program.

Iran should be provided with security guarantees that it will not be attacked, and the United States should normalize relations with Iran to help resolve the current row over that country's nuclear activities, Hans Blix maintained.

The former UN official, who is currently chairman of Sweden's Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, said that the diplomatic approach as adopted by Washington toward North Korea has not been used with Iran.

"On the contrary, you have three US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf which the Iranians may see as needing to protect themselves from in future," said Blix who was delivering a keynote address to the Second Commonwealth Red Cross and Red Crescent Conference on International Humanitarian Law in Wellington, New Zealand.

Without taking into account the peaceful objective of Iran's nuclear program, Blix said Iranians should be assured that they do not need to have nuclear weapons.

France, UK, US slam IAEA report

Thu, 30 Aug 2007 22:28:30
France, UK, and the US disapprove of recent IAEA report on Iran.
American, British, and French envoys to the IAEA Board of Governors have voiced their disapproval of improving Iran-IAEA cooperation.

A senior Iranian diplomat said that the envoys had met with IAEA Chief Mohammad ElBaradei, to object to his report and politically influence him. Chinese, German, and Russian diplomats did not attend the meeting.

The American, British, and French envoys reportedly stepped up pressures on ElBaradei as the agency nodded its agreement with Tehran to remove Iran's case from the UN Security Council's agenda.

ElBaradei's report suggested that the recent agreement between the Islamic Republic and UN nuclear watchdog was a breakthrough in Iran's nuclear case.

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